Tama Group is a kibbutz owned company, based in Israel and specializing in plastics for agriculture and for the home.
Tama Home’s range of products include kitchenware, food containers, storage boxes, jugs, trays and dustbins with new products and technologies being developed all of the time.
Tama Home’s products can be found in shops and stores in over 40 countries across the globe.

Experience meets innovation

As one of the most experienced and established housewares producer in Israel, Tama is highly respected in the Israeli plastic industry but still strives to stay young and updated.

Knowledge meets spark

Using advanced technologies, Tama brings a verity of top quality products that fit perfectly to the customers’ needs. All the products are carefully tested in Tama’s laboratories according to Standards Institute and are safe for the dishwasher and for use in the Microwave. All products are BPA free.
IML technology offering new and exciting products on the basis of existing molds which bring new life to the good old beloved housewares with a verity of new vibrating colors and designs.

Technology meets fashion

All the designs are created by the trustful hands of Tama’s designers, graduates of the top design schools in Israel, which constantly follows the new trends in the design world.

Product meets brand

All of this knowledge can now bring you great value!
For a few years Tama cooperates with companies in the sales promotion field. When our product efficiency and unique design combine with your company logo, your brand stay strong, even after the taste is long gone. In the fridge, on the shelf, or on the dinner table, every pot has a lid and every product has a destination.