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Tama Lock Square Container


Tama Lock Containers
Remove lid before placing in microwave

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Code No.Item descriptionSizeItems per Carton
9302Tama Lock Rectangular Container3L12
9301Tama Lock Rectangular Container3L12
9182Tama Lock Rectangular Container1.8L12
9181Tama Lock Rectangular Container1.8L12
9902Tama Lock Rectangular Container900ml12
9901Tama Lock Rectangular Container900ml12
9242Tama Lock Square Container2.4L12
9241Tama Lock Square Container2.4L12
9132Tama Lock Square Container1.3L12
9131Tama Lock Square Container1.3L12
9240Tama Lock Square Container2.4L24
9130Tama Lock Square Container1.3L24
9500Tama Lock Square Container500ml36
8240Tama Lock Square Container2.4L24
8130Tama Lock Square Container1.3L24
8500Tama Lock Square Container500ml36
9304Decorative Tama Lock Rectangular Container3L24
9300Tama Lock Rectangular Container3L24
8300Tama Lock Rectangular Container3L24
9184Decorative Tama Lock Rectangular Container1.8L24
9180Tama Lock Rectangular Container1.8L24
8180Tama Lock Rectangular Container1.8L24
9904Decorative Tama Lock Rectangular Container900ml36
9900Tama Lock Rectangular Container900ml36
8900Tama Lock Rectangular Container900ml36
9334Decorative Tama Lock Rectangular Container330ml36
9330Tama Lock Rectangular Container330ml36
8330Tama Lock Rectangular Container330ml36
9248Decorative Tama Lock Square Container2.4L24
9138Decorative Tama Lock Square Container1.3L24
9508Decorative Tama Lock Square Container500ml36
9249Decorative Tama Lock Square Container2.4L24
9139Decorative Tama Lock Square Container1.3L24
9509Decorative Tama Lock Square Container500ml36
9339Decorative Tama Lock Set of 3500ml, 1.3L , 2.4L24
9338Decorative Tama Lock Set of 3500ml, 1.3L , 2.4L24