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Rectangular Slate



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Code No.Item descriptionSizeItems per Carton
1026Rectangular Slate with handle45x17.5cm20
1025Rectangular Slate32.5x17.5cm24
1024Rectangular Slate30x20cm12
1023Bevel Thread Bowl27.5x26.5cm12
1022Bevel Thread Bowl23.5x22.6cm16
1021Round Bowl⌀ 28cm12
1020Dollar Bowl37x33.5cm10
1019Oblong Oval Plate57x21.5cm12
1018Decorative Bowl⌀ 25cm5
1017Decorative Bowl⌀ 38cm5
1016Bevel Thread Bowl21x20.5cm24
1015Bevel Thread Bowl18.3x18cm36
1014Trumpet Bowl⌀ 24.5cm12
1013Trumpet Bowl⌀ 20.5cm24
1012Square Bowl27x27cm12
1011Square Bowl19x19cm24
1010Dollar Bowl28x27cm12
1009Rectangular Plate35x24cm18
1008Rectangular Plate35x17cm24
1007Square Plate35x35cm8
1006Square Plate31x31cm12
1005Oblong Oval Plate60.5x22.5cm12
1004Oblong Oval Plate71x28.5cm8
1003Rectangular Plate44x22cm12
1002Rectangular Plate35.5x20.5cm18
1001Rectangular Plate42x24cm10