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Sapir Bowl Cover PC

PC 12cm without Handle and without Vent, Arcopal

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Code No.Item descriptionSizeItems per Carton
317Plate Cover PC⌀ 23cm24
317 PESPlate Cover PES⌀ 23cm24
316Plate Cover PC⌀ 19.5cm24
316 PESPlate Cover PES⌀ 19.5cm24
343Soup Bowl Cover PC⌀ 13cm84
352Sapir Bowl Cover PC⌀ 12cm84
352 PESSapir Bowl Cover PES⌀ 12cm84
342Small Bowl Cover PC⌀ 10cm84
342 PESSmall Bowl Cover PES⌀ 10cm84
354Small Bowl Cover PC⌀ 10cm84
353Small Bowl Cover PC⌀ 10cm84